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Supervised Visitation Can Be Complicated. We Make it Easy.

The only child visitation center in the Eastlake - Chula Vista community specializing in court-ordered supervised visitation and safe exchange solutions. Through our services, parents and children can finally have the peace of mind they need & deserve. 

How We Meet Your Family's Need

Supervised Visitation

We offer supervised visitation in-person and online. Most visits are initiated by family court. However, we also offer these services to families who are in need of assistance without channeling through the courts. 

Monitored Safe Exchange

There are numerous reasons why parents request this service. Whether the courts have ordered professional exchanges, or you prefer not to coordinate with the other parent nor wish to see the other parent during the transfer of your child(ren).

Scheduling Service

Through our effective scheduling system, parents are not put in the position of having to contact the other party regarding the visitation schedule. This service is included to all families.

Virtual Visits

If you travel for work, cannot visit in person due to long distances, or prefer to have our center set up for your video visits, this is an option for you. You may already have virtual time with your child and seek a consistent schedule made easy. The center will coordinate the schedule and provide designated parenting time virtually. 


Through our team of highly trained staff, our neutral non-biased documentation provides a clear understanding of what takes place during visitation.

Court Appearance

In addition to reports, parents may request our neutral provider to testify in court regarding your case. 


How to Start Services



The first step for enrollment is the intake process. To ensure the center understands the terms of the case, each parent must complete our intake process. If your family has voluntarily chosen to use our services, the same applies, and an intake must be completed. 



After both parties have completed the intake process, we will coordinate the visitation or exchange schedule. Our scheduling system is included for each service provided.



When a schedule is established, the visits will be conducted on a consistent schedule.  We recognize the importance of children who look forward to spending time with their parents regularly.

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