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Mission Statement

Our mission is simple: promoting family well-being through safe, respectful, and structured interactions. We provide a neutral ground where families can confidently navigate transitions, ensuring a smooth and secure environment for children to maintain connections with their loved ones.

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Reconnect, Rebuild:

Your Family's New Journey Starts Here

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Supportive Parenting

We offer more than supervised visitation; we provide support that acknowledges the emotional complexities of family dynamics in transitions.

Dedicated to Your Family's Well-Being

"My Second Home."

My experience with California Family Visitation Center went awesome and very warm I love the team like a family I always felt it’s my second home. At first when I chose the center and started doing visitation I thought it’s going to be very hard and stressful and it’s not going to be comfortable but the team miss Diana and Mrs Rebecca made it so easy and comfortable they were always next to me help me and remind me with the rules in very nice way I always felt that they were like my sisters very supportive and understanding. I highly recommend them and I am sure you are going to love them as I did.

-Visiting Parent

"Prepared & Equipped"

Rebecca and Diana were of great help! Every parents situation is different but they’re well prepared and equipped to assist with a wide variety of circumstances. Forever grateful. 

-Visiting Parent

"Felt Very Welcomed"

I can't thank the staff enough for how wonderful & accommodating they were during the visits. The entire family felt very welcomed & safe throughout the visitation. I would absolutely recommend this facility. They handled the entire process with the utmost professionalism. -Custodial Parent

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