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What people ask us...

These frequently asked questions can help you decide if California Family Visitation Center is the right fit for your family.

Can I have a visit outside of the center?

Absolutely! If your court order does not specify that your visits must remain inside the center, we can plan a visit outside the center. Click HERE for ideas to do during your visit.


What is the center like?

Our center is filled with toys and fun activities for each age group in a comfortable environment. We also have a kitchenette with a countertop, sink, microwave, fridge, and toaster oven for use. You're welcome to bring items you can enjoy with your children, such as art supplies, meals, toys, board games, books, etc.


Is there a minimum number of hours per visit?

Unless otherwise stated in the court order, we require a 2-hour minimum to schedule a visit. 


When can I start scheduling visits?

Once both parties have completed the required intake process, we will begin to coordinate a schedule


Will I see the other party at the center?

Each party has their own designated time to avoid any contact between the parties. 


Do I have to communicate with the other party regarding the schedule

Our effective scheduling system is included in the service, and parents can schedule with ease through the center.


Is your center wheelchair/handicap accessible?

Yes! We are a one-story center with wide hallways and rails in the restrooms. 


I'm the custodial parent dropping off my child, what do you recommend I do in the area?

We're so glad you asked! Click HERE to see what the Eastlake community has to offer.

Got a question?

We're here to help make this process as simple and stress-free as possible. 

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