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Visiting Parent & Children

Our visitation center is filled with toys and activities to enjoy. You are welcome to bring toys, board games, art activities, snacks, and meals to the center. If your court order does not restrict your visits to be inside the center only, we could plan part of your visit at an off-site location.

Indoor Fun

Besides our visitation center, there are numerous indoor activives that are walking distance such as go-kart racing, karate, youth fitness, trampoline park, ninja warrior park,indoor playground and MORE!

Outdoor Adventures

From going on a nature walk, fishing, hiking, basketball, tennis, and visiting local parks, there is a little something for everyone for all ages.


Are you and your child into trying new foods or crave the usual meal? There's an abundance of places to choose from and some of your favorites like, In-N-Out, Chick-Fil-A, Luna Grill, Dunkin Donuts, and Broken Yolk Cafe! Give them a try or bring your own planned meals to enjoy at our center.

Custodial Parents

We did not forget to list some things for custodial parents to enjoy. From self-care, holiday shopping, running errands, and nature walks; these are some ideas you can do while your child is visiting our center.

Self-Care Activities

Take some time for yourself to relax and do activities you enjoy. There are plenty to do in our neighbohood, from cryotherapy next door, nail/hair salons, physical therapy clinic, karate, dance studios, and nearby gyms to name a few. Read a book or mediate overlooking the panoramic captivating views at the Mountain Hawk Park or Proctor Valley Natural Resource Area. Try something new and give yourself the care you deserve.

Eateries & Shopping

Who doesnt enjoy a fresh cup of brewed coffee while shopping? Take a book and relax at a nearby cafe, or run your errands and go shopping with a coffee in hand. Whatever your errand or food craving is, there are shopping plazas, and restraunts right up the street. (T.J. Maxx, Walmart, Trader Joe's, Target, Lowe's, Starbucks, Otay Ranch Town Center, Sprouts...)


Studies reaveal that being outside in nature is relaxing, reduces stress, cortisol levels, and muscle tension. Explore the many trails in the neighborhood, walk or kayak around Otay Lakes with scenic views, or climb a mountain! This neighborhood is perfect for any outdoor ethusiast of all levels. 

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